Quick Stats

  • Affordable price
  • Fit around any structure
  • Low power consumption
  • Create curved or flat walls
  • No wash out light
  • Quick set up times
  • Quick storage for touring 
  • Intense light creates stronger colours


Pixel Pitch 100 / m2
Pixel Type High performance reflective LCD
Pixel Configuration  R/G/B
Pixel Density 100 / m2
Brightness 20,000 cd / m2 in bright sunshine 
Contrast Ratio 100:1 
Panel Size (W x H) 800 x 6,400 mm 
Horizontal Viewing Angle 60° (50% brightness) 
Vertical Viewing Angle 60° (50% brightness) 

General Infomation

This totally new and unique concept in outdoor displays is a a lighting designers dream, you can form screens of any conceivable size and shape and shine any light on it, which actually increases its visibility! This product will fulfil the imagination of any designer and architect.

Continuing our alignment with top end innovative products, Proteus has been nominated for this years innovations awards at PLASA 08. This is the worlds most environmentally economical display system available with a 600 sqm screen running of a 13Amp plug! or potentially from a small solar panel.

To achieve the design goal of simplicity and reliability the design has primarily focused on developing a robust, low cost but discrete pixel element. These join to form a reflective display, that consumes no power to emit light, instead utilises ambient light from the surroundings.