Benefits and Options

  • Generate revenue
  • Offer sponsors greater exposure
  • Skyscraper banners
  • subsidize your screen costs
  • Text to screen
  • Truckside branding and vehicle wrapping
  • Horizontal banners
  • Dynamic content on the screens


General Infomation

LED Screens are a focal point for any event gaining a large amount of attention from audiences. This presents a fantastic opportunity to promote brands and products to a captive audience. The inclusion of LED Screens in your media packages can help to generate additional revenues and potentially offset your costs.

LED Screen Hire can draw on specialist media partners who will review your project, with a view to assessing its potential for sponsorship revenue and where appropriate facilitate generating interest from advertisers.

There are multiple promotional opportunities around a screen that add to other benefits such as increased viewing for large crowds, health and safety requirements and high quality visuals. 



LED Left Button
LED Right Button